Accelerates drug target selection for immune disease traits

Therapeutic landscape of immune traits 

Target gene clustering by immune traits 

Above created using Pi, our newly developed genetics-led drug target prioritisation system ( Resource & Software), with the focus on leveraging genome-scale data to prioritise immune targets at the gene and pathway level. Based on evidence of genetic association from GWAS data, this prioritisation system is able to resolve modulated genes (seed genes) by utilising knowledge of linkage disequilibrium (co-inherited variants), distance from the gene, evidence of genetic association with gene expression, and evidence of physical interaction between variant and gene promoters. Seed genes are scored in a way quantifying the genetic influence. Scored seed genes are subsequently used as baits to rank both seed genes and additional (non-seed) genes; this is achieved by iteratively exploring the connectivity of a gene interaction network. Genes with the top priority are further used to identify/prioritise (non-redundant but informative) pathways that are significantly enriched with highly prioritised genes. Prioritised genes are also used to identify pathway crosstalks interconnecting many highly prioritised genes but a few less prioritised genes as linkers.